About Counselling

Stress and Anxiety


Loss and Life Changes


Relationship Difficulties and Breakdown

What is Counselling?


Counselling can help you cope and move on to lead a fulfilling life.

You are free to explore any aspect of your life experience – past, present and future – and become aware of patterns of behaviour that are no longer serving towards your well-being, interests and relationships with self and others.

Whatever your reasons for seeking therapy, simply talking can be tremendously helpful.  

I can offer you that opportunity to talk and be listened to and explore all your thoughts and feelings and help you discover a way through them.  I work with clients across a wide range of issues including:


  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Loss and Life Changes

  • Bereavement

  • Relationship Difficulties and Breakdown

  • Addiction

  • Low Confidence and Self-esteem

  • Traumatic Experiences from past and present

  • Emotional, Physical and Sexual Abuse

  • Loneliness

Is Counselling for me?

Helping you to help yourself.

Building a therapeutic relationship in which you feel accepted, understood and safe to allow you to identify and explore the things that are concerning you the most is at the core of my approach.


My aim is to gain understanding of what you are going through and accept you just as you are, without interpretation or judgement.


Counselling can help you make positive and lasting changes to cope with or move on from the issues that are troubling you.


Encourages self-awareness to recognise and develop fresh ways of thinking and feeling.


Develop new perspectives that promote personal growth and improved relationships.


Encourages a sense of possibility and change.

Contact me

There are times when aspects of our lives can feel overwhelming and we just want someone who truly cares and listens to us and can help and support us to move forward.  If you are experiencing difficult or distressing times right now and would like to talk to someone who is trained to help, please contact me.

You can also call me on 07770 589 433 (+44 if calling from outside the UK)

or email me at janisdellnercounselling@gmail.com

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